Bake Sale for Rady Children’s Hospital

Bake Sale for Rady Children’s Hospital

As the Coronavirus pandemic began early last March, we quarantined our family and were unable to see Grandma DiDi. We missed her dearly and also missed her cooking. Like the rest of the world, we got creative with ways to connect and find purpose.

Last November, we launched a fundraiser to buy toys for children undergoing treatment at Rady Children’s Hospital. The fundraiser was inspired by our young friend and neighbor who was receiving treatment at the hospital. We raised $21,000 and were able to buy a toy for every child staying in the hospital over the holidays. That fundraiser brought us together in ways we couldn’t imagine and gave us a new sense of purpose. We look forward to holding this bake sale fundraiser for years to come.

Watch our fundraising video:

We were so honored to be featured in Rady Children’s spring issue of Healthy Kids magazine. You can find the article here.

Moving forward, we are thrilled to be vaccinated and back in the kitchen with Grandma DiDi soon!